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Stone Mountain Looms
The method used on the Tr-Loom, Rectangle
loom and the square loom, is called continuous
weaving, which means you create both the warp
and the weft at the same time as you weave. It is
a lot faster method of weaving and you can leave
it and go out to feed the Alpacas, Sheep or
Horse and donkey like we have. Come back in
start right up without having to remember what
row you were on even with a pattern.

Rectangle loom:
Look at the rectangle picture you can see we
have three scarves hanging on it as well as one in
the process. Floor Stand and Table stands are
made with pine and have adjustable pegs to help
with different heights you will weave at.

Peg Loom:
These looms are great for rug making with alpaca
rug yarn spun at Lazy Meadows Fiber Mill or
Flaggy Meadows fiber Mill, these are two of our
favorites mills. We have had them both spin our
yarn for weaving, knitting and rug making.

Tapestry Loom:

All I can say is fun! This loom is so much fun and
easy to learn to weave on. This loom is a Navajo
style loom, it is made with Pine or Oak. I have
found it to be great in using up all of my alpaca
yarn bits and pieces I haven't the heart to throw

This Navajo style Loom is great
for making wall hangings and so
much more. You are only limited
by your own mind.
We will be carrying all of these looms at
MAPACA in April 21-23, 2017
Our Rectangle loom
comes in two sizes at
this time.10'' X 60'' is
our large and our small
rectangle is 5''X 30'
This picture shows
the type of nails
we use, they are
stainless Steal
All of our Tri-Looms are
made with Oak,They come in
sizes 6', 5', 4', 3', 2', 18'', 12''
Stands sold separate
Here is a list of our Vendors;

Woolery: Frankfort, KY -

Clara's Loom: Foley, AL   -

Stoney Meadows Alpacas: Holley, NY   -

Person to  Person:  Siler City, NC

Long Tail Knits:  Macedonia, OH  -

Darn Good Yarn: Schenectady, NY  -

Alpacas of Haven Hill: Greenwhich, NY   -