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We will be at MAPACA this April 21-23, 2017

We will be demonstrating our looms at our booth at MAPACA .If you are looking for
a way to use your alpaca yarn and sell the products you make from your yarn, please
come by our booth and learn how to weave, it is easier than you think! We will
show you how, men and women alike enjoy weaving on our looms. Stone Mountain
Looms are crafted here in America. We take special care building each loom by
hand, it is sanded down to a smooth feel and rubbed with Mixwax to help care for
the oak wood it is made from.
  • Our products are great for your alpaca yarn.
  • We've been in business for over 8 years
  • Call our cell  423-836-9016

Don and Penny MacNeil:
We started out with Alpacas in September of 2006, all was going good until we
realized that we were not very good at selling the alpacas since we became to
attached to them. So we knew that we needed to do something with all of the
beautiful fiber. That is when the weaving adventure began, as we were working
with the yarn made from our alpaca fiber, we needed looms and that is when we
started to hand craft our looms. Our looms are made here in Tennessee at our farm.
Come by our booth and visit with us while we show you how much fun weaving a
shawl, scarf or maybe a rug can be. Bring a cup of coffee and set down and watch,
before you know it, you will be wanting to have a try.
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